Be Your Own Boss My Steps To Make Money

Do you want to quit your day job and be your own boss?

In this blog, I will explain how to become your own boss in a few simple steps.

be your own boss

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Who´s the Boss?

You see I used to sell guitars until I ran out of items. Like quite a few other online businesses we have had to change our directions.

My desire was always finding out how to be my own boss. Do not get me wrong it has taken over 2 years of extensive research. Long tedious work finding the best and maybe the easiest way to start my own business.

Selling guitars was a great way to make money online but once I had sold out, it dawned on me that I could have it just a bit easier.

I wanted more free time with my family, more time for my bushcraft hobby.

Buying the goods and selling the stuff was quite easy, I have a good eye for products on demand. It was the warehouse costs and the transportation that made me think again.

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be your own boss

First, determine why you desire to Be Your Own Boss.

Make sure you evaluate your personal situation and skills.

Plan the time of transition to Being Your Own Boss.

Choose a Business Model wisely.

This is the hard part, determine your (dig in deep) target market.

Identify the problem to solve, and then what to Sell.

Go through your business plan and clarify it. Ask a friend to look over it, get feedback.

Get the Be your own boss business set up

You know, my new online business venture was straight in front of my eyes, you know the feeling you can not see the forest because there are too many trees?  

My wife has been successfully involved since 2015. She has a good steady income; the trend was moving to be your own boss

More people just wanted to be their own boss, work hard but work when they want and how much they want.

I got involved one Year ago now, I am not looking back


Yes, I have had several offers to work in a shop selling the same sort of guitars that I used to sell myself but no, I wanted a change.

What is Network Marketing and How Does it Work?

Speak to people

We both know that the coin has two sides. Network marketing or maybe we should call it multi-level marketing does involve speaking to people. I think that is still a great way to grow your business and become your own boss.

However, the internet has opened fantastic new ways to communicate with the whole World.

Do we know each other? I think not. I am using my blog to speak to you today. Of course, there are many other ways to spread the word about your online or offline business.

fire your boss

Social media helps a network marketer become his own boss

Sure, I am not going to mention all the possible platforms, but I have witness people just like you and I build a very big team on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok.

Oh yes, there are many more and I have never used TikTok, not even sure what it does.

One of the ways to be your own boss, I mean get a network marketing team up and running is to write down people that you know.

Not just people that have money but also friends that have no money.

Who do you think would be more motivated to make the business work for themselves?

Well, I have found out that we can only find out if we spread the word. Please do not bash your friends or you will end up with none left.

Try not to judge

A person with not much money wants more and a person with money also wants more. So, both are of the same your own boss

My best three-team partners had nothing when they joined my team. It is the desire and willingness to learn that makes a top network marketer.

Before you go out to people you know, make sure you have done your homework and know the system and products. Otherwise, you might just as well use the piece of paper where you have jotted down names as a firelighter

Find a friend who will listen to your sales performance, let people hear it, and note down what they think. It helped me straight from the start. I was quite surprised how helpful people can be, I got some great feedback, it was worth millions to me.

It is not about people you know before you start your own business, it’s about the people that you will meet whilst being your own boss. One of my best team partners is over sixty years old and he was fifty-seven when he started. It is never too late.

You can be your own boss but stay friendly no matter what

One of my best customers closed the door in my face, he then came to me six months later and bought my products. It is all about being friendly even when you get a no, no, no.

Before you make the decision to join a network marketing company, check the products and then how they pay you. Do not do it the other way around.

If you can see no vision do not do it. Make sure that your leader is a nice friendly person. If not forget it.

be a friendly boss

Deploy a business plan. Do it today

If the products have a future and the income fits, then go out and have a blast. Give it all you have got. Work hard and personally reap the rewards.

Remember you are working for your family and yourself. No one can stop anybody from becoming their own boss.

Let us come to an end. I have nothing more to say apart from, do something. If you do not try to make a better life for yourself and your family, you stay where you your own boss

That´s fine by me, just don´t look back and say “Oh why didn´t I do that years ago. If you don´t start the business someone else will.

This is a blog post about “Be your own Boss”. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Take care, Live Love Life.

Be your own Boss